Self to Other Training


Never underestimate the value of simple training tools! Throughout the centuries, sportsmen and soldiers have used various forms of target practice to fine-tune and maintain their skills. Fencing is no different! From fencing dummies, to tennis balls on string, to electronic boards, we have several tools available to us for self-to-other training.

The above video showcases just a handful of the basic drill we use on our custom built target boards, affectionately called “thumpers”. We encourage all of our fencers to have a target board for at-home practice. 10 minutes a day goes a long way; especially for those in basic training.

Put down the XBox controller and pick up a foil!!!

If you have any questions on the drills demonstrated or on additional drills, just ask a coach! We’re happy to show you more.

Below are a couple more online videos of self-to-other training performed by other disciplines.

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